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Request an Appraisal

Request an Appraisal

Your Property Report

An appraisal prepared by Jarrad will feature everything you need to know about the process and expected outcomes with the sale of your property.  After an inspection has been carried out on your property, a detailed report will be prepared.  As the primary focus is to achieve the highest possible price while providing exceptional service, the property report will feature detailed strategies to show how each of these outcomes will be accomplished.  Your report will feature information such as:


- A breakdown of each element that will affect your sale price.


- Comparative Market Analysis, detailing the results of other properties that have sold in your area.


- A full marketing brief, identifying your key selling points and how they should be communicated to the market place.


- Identifying who your target market is and how to best engage them in your home.


- A breakdown of every strategy and marketing vehicle we have our disposal. 


- A summary on sale preparation to ensure a positive first impression.


- An outline of negotiation strategies and techniques to obtain the highest sale price possible. 


- An outline of the standards and expectations with the delivery of service and communication during the campaign.


- A summary of recommendations that will include expected sale price, suggested sale method, suggested marketing budget and all selling expenses.