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Selling with Jarrad

Selling with Jarrad McCarthy



The sale of a property incoporates many moving parts that must be expertly managed.  


Areas of focus that Jarrad takes into consideration when preparing to take a property to market include:


Sale Preparation


How do you best prepare your home for market? How do you ensure you’re creating the best first impression?  Not only will Jarrad guide you on property presentation, but at this early stage it's important to analyse who your target market will be and what strategies should be implemented to best appeal to them. If considering making improvements to your home, renovating for profit can be a risky exercise.  Unfortunately people can often over-capitalise without much chance of recovering their investment.  Jarrad can guide you on the outcomes you would be likely to achieve with and without your improvements to ensure the sale of your property is as profitable as possible.


Your Marketing Brief


Jarrad's philosophy is that "every home has a story that needs to be told."  More than just a list of features, every home has certain qualities that make it unique from everything else in the market.  Identifying what these qualities are and creating engaging content that best emphasises these characteristics is fundamental to strong buyer engagement.  Before your home is taken to market, Jarrad will prepare a comprehensive marketing brief which will provide specific details on how he plans to 'tell your home's story.'


The Right Content in the Right Vehicle


Just as no two homes are the same, no two marketing plans are identical.  Different property types will appeal to different buyers and it's important to consider which marketing vehicle will be most effective in engaging the target market for your home.  With a wide range of traditional and modern marketing strategies at your disposal, Jarrad will provide a detailed recommendation on the best options for your home. 


Conducting Your Campaign


A focus that Jarrad takes most pride in, is the comprehensive research he undertakes in your home before a buyer is introduced.  By becoming familiar with every intricate detail of your home, he ensures he is 'the guy with an answer for any question that a buyer could ask.'   Forming a trusting, professional relationship with your potential purchaser is an important first step in negotiating the best outcome for you.  

Along with delivering you an exceptional result, the most important aspect of Jarrad's service is the high level of service you should expect to receive during your campaign.  Based on a solid foundation of open, consistent communication, you'll find yourself fully informed every step of the way. 


Driving Your Result


Jarrad pride's himself on delivering results that create 'raving fans.'  Jarrad believes that "exceptional results don't happen by accident, they're planned for".  The outcome we achieve is a culmination of a well prepared, exhaustive marketing campaign that engages the broader market and extracts the most the market is prepared to deliver.  Most people assume a negotiation begins when a buyer makes an offer, Jarrad believes it begins the first time a buyer engages with the marketing of your home and with the first contact they make with the agent.  They are forming early impressions of value and willingness to negotiate based on all of these experiences.  By ensuring every touch point is a positive one, Jarrad positions himself to deliver the best possible price from the market.

What Jarrad's Clients Have Said

"I have no hesitation in highly recommending Jarrad and his team. They went over and above in their efforts to secure the sale of my house. They listened, provided advice and support, and were unwavering in their dedication to securing me the optimum price and market opportunity. I am confident in my recommendation of Jarrad and his team, I know from experience that they take the time; they care; they build the relationship and they are dedicated." - E Rodighiero - Seller of 31 Horseshoe Bend, Buderim.



"It was such a relief to deal with Jarrad for our recent property purchase. He communicated everything clearly and in a timely fashion and offered  assistance every step of the way. I would not hesitate to use Harcourts again." - W & J Swaine - Seller of 5 Lichen Ct, Buderim.





"You were a pleasure to work with.  We couldn’t be happier with the result and your efforts to get us sold.  We will tell anyone we know to sell with you. All the best" - T and C Rutherford - Seller of 13 Mountain Ridge Crescent, Buderim. 

Request an Appraisal

Your Property Report

An appraisal prepared by Jarrad will feature everything you need to know about the process and expected outcomes with the sale of your property.  After an inspection has been carried out on your property, a detailed report will be prepared.  As the primary focus is to achieve the highest possible price while providing exceptional service, the property report will feature detailed strategies to show how each of these outcomes will be accomplished.  Your report will feature information such as:


- A breakdown of each element that will affect your sale price.


- Comparative Market Analysis, detailing the results of other properties that have sold in your area.


- A full marketing brief, identifying your key selling points and how they should be communicated to the market place.


- Identifying who your target market is and how to best engage them in your home.


- A breakdown of every strategy and marketing vehicle we have our disposal. 


- A summary on sale preparation to ensure a positive first impression.


- An outline of negotiation strategies and techniques to obtain the highest sale price possible. 


- An outline of the standards and expectations with the delivery of service and communication during the campaign.


- A summary of recommendations that will include expected sale price, suggested sale method, suggested marketing budget and all selling expenses.